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Jaypee Sports City Projects

Jaypee Country Homes

Jaypee Sports city permits you to form your imagination into a dream domicile. The Country Homes are plots at Sports city that offers you a chance to style your dream home to match your distinctive style and modus Vivendi.

On the skin of those Jaypee Homes you'll like better to have a lush improved garden that provide you with refreshing views and an opportunity to be nearer to nature. On the within you'll either have less variety of rooms that are roomily designed or a lot of variety of rooms that are expeditiously designed. Select from a large vary of specifications for the interiors like the wall end, lightweight fittings, doors/windows, woodwork, flooring etc. Overall you'll describe these as 'self titled homes'.

Jaypee Greens Country Homes at Sports city is among the foremost elegant residential homes that provide residential plots choices on a hundred and one acres of land. The dimensions of the plots at Country Homes vary from two hundred sq meters to 4000 sq meters. The eco friendly atmosphere ANd lavish surroundings at Country Homes provides you an impressive modus Vivendi at an exceptionally cheap value.