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Jaypee Estate Homes Residence

Jaypee Wish Town Projects

Jaypee Estate Homes Residences Specification

•Building Structure
  • Water proofing for the basement area
  • Anti termite treatment
  • Standard foundations with stone piling for soil densification
  • Basement & floors with a height of about 3 mtrs. each
  • Brick walls and RCC columns, beams and slab
  • All internal walls plastered in cement plaster
  • Plain cement concrete flooring
  • Mangalore tiled roofing on sloping roofs
  • Plumbing ready to receive fixtures
  • GI Piping till inlet
  • Boundary wall, planters and gate
  • Connectivity at single point at periphery of the house for the following: Pressurised Water supply, Electricity supply, Sewerage, Drainage, Telephone, Intercom, Cable TV, Internet.
Doors and Windows
Externa Wooden Glazed windows and Glazed / Flush Doors
Internal Flush Doors
Internal conduits in concrete slabs for
  • Electrical wiring
  • Telephone / Intercom
  • Cable TV / internet connectivity